Monday, October 25, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival
A backlog post...
On mid autumn festival this year, we decided to reminisce the past and have some fun!
The title gave it away :x

How can we miss out lanterns!

And the beautiful moon that was amazingly round that night

What makes it fun was the company! We brought Poppy for a walk together with our lanterns under the bright moonlight. It was a little challenging as I had to control his leash and hold my lantern for fear that the candle might burn the paper lantern.

"Whats that Jie? It looks bright!"

Just an update on the condition of his fleas:
Thanks to those who reccomended Frontline! Yes, its superb. The sis remembered that we used to use Frontline when he first had fleas, which has about 5 years ago. We finished using Accurate and changed to Frontline. Its expensive but very effective. It kills the fleas and the dead fleas will be on his body. Whereas for Accurate, most of the dead fleas will drop out.

I did'nt know that I should only apply it once a month. I miss read the instructions.
I applied it 2 days in a row and luckily Dad's friend told us that we should only apply Frontline once a month! *gasps. Thank goodness we realised that in time and I stopped applying it.
We are all glad that his flea condition is getting so much better! I hope that we can totally get rid of them soon!


Lucky The Super Corgi! said...

hi, we dun really know you but been following your blog for some time!

SOCK(Singapore official Corgi Khakis) are having a pawty at club4paws at stagmount ring rd this saturday 30th oct and would like to invite you and your corgi along!

if you have face book can add me

chloe said...

Hi Lucky the super corgi! :) Thanks for following my blog. I saw ur corgi, looks super cuteeeeee.

I would love to join you all for the gathering but I can't make it this sat. Another time? Do keep me updated on future gatherings! :D Poppy would like to make new corgi friends too! *wooof.

Yup, added u on fb...heh.