Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The poor boy is infested with fleas.
They look like jewel studs growing on his head.
They crawl up the wall, on the floor.
Big ones. tiny ones.
Its time to buy new flea medicine.
Mummy suggested shaving him so that we can remove the fleas easily.
I wonder if its a good suggestion as I find it such a waste cus it took us so long to grow his thick fur.


Pauline said...

Don't shave him down as Corgis look really ugly without that thick fur. Try frontline. You need to faithfully use the flea medicine every month in order to keep the fleas/ticks away. Good luck to the flea/tick removal.

chloe said...
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chloe said...

Hi Pauline, i have never seen shaved corgis... haha. just a question, does shaving helps to ease the process of spotting the fleas? I have never shaved him before. I even tried baking soda (natural remedy) but realised that medicine works best.

Pauline said...

I have shaved my corgi once because of fleas/ticks and he really looks very ugly after that. It does help in spotting the fleas since there's no thick fur for the fleas to hide but you will see red spots everywhere. I remember they used to stick to his butt, I can easily extract > 10 there. Yucks.