Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Its the World Cup Season!
We don't have jerseys for Qooki. Only his usual blue stripped singlet.
One lazy afternoon, I decided to play "soccer" (our version is just me throwing the ball, and he will catch it) with Qooki! He loves to play with his bollas. Last time, Daddy will play ball with him every morning. He will throw the ball, and tell Qooki to fetch it.
I guess due to Daddy's laziness (oopppsss....) and Qooki does'nt run around out doors, he does'nt play ball in the garden anymore. But he still loves his bollas.
"Bite bite.... Let's play bolla Jie"

After I threw the ball......"Fetch it boy!" tadah! He brought it back to me.

"Here you are! The ball!"

I threw the ball again but this time he starred at it!

"Ehhhhhhhh... why is the ball so far"

"Yaaaaaay.....I've got the ball....play more!"

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