Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Top 10 Things About Me...

1) I respond to my nickname 'Poppy' rather than 'Qooki'.
2) I have a nasty temper.
3) I love to eat bread, home cooked food (dory fish, unpolished rice, pork).
4) I enjoy my weekly bath sessions as it feels like I'm having a spa.
5) Playing bolla is my favourite pastime.

6) I only know how to paw and sit.

7) I am not toilet trained. I pee and face my butt towards you whenever I am angry!

8) Dinner and everyday walks are the happiest moments of the day.

9) I am the world's greatest KPO (that's what Jie and Mummy say about me).

10) I love to bark and annoy everyone ^_^

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