Monday, June 14, 2010

"Can I have some bread? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?"

Now I don't give Qooki treats as he tends to itch whenever he eats them. I guess he is allergic to some of the preservatives contained in the treat. But I substitute his treats with bread! His all time favourite.... whole meal bread! Mummy says that white bread is not good for him, whole meal bread is better. Good life eh!

Qooki makes so much noise whenver Mummy is around. He probably wants to get her attention. The funny thing is that he doesnt make a single sound when Mummy is not at home! *gasps. See how much he loves Mummy foggie! :p Even Mummy is amazed when I told her that Qooki does'nt make noise when I'm at home... or even when Daddy is at home. Is Qooki a Mummy's boy? Wahahahaha! Naughty Mummy's boy, to be more accurate!

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