Monday, April 26, 2010

While my daddy was having his supper (or basically anyone who is eating in the kitchen), Qooki will quickly get into his 'sitting' position. He's ever ready to EAAAAT! Such a greedy boy.

Usually Qooki does'nt eat supper... but I don't know why I decided to give him some treats.

This is one of his favourite snacks he's currently eating now. Hmm... which snack does he not like anyway. On a random note, he's a huge fan of fish. Sometimes I wonder if he should be a cat instead.

Omega treats (Oh... look at the goodness of it! It's a duck meat snack. *drools.)

It may look black and dry but.... Qooki likes it alot!

While we were having branch, we randomly saw a dog owner with his 14 year old dog. His owner mentioned that it's an old grandpa already. I noticed that his doggie has skin allergy as its tail is black and furless. I used to think why do owners still love their pets even when they start ageing... or become handicapped....or fall ill. I realized that the longer the dog is with you, you will learn to love it unconditionally. I love you Qooki.

In my mind, I have this image. When I start working, I will bring home work to do on a lazy afternoon. Sipping a cup of tea... marking my work and having Qooki sit by my side. What more can I ask for? Such is the best company. He may not be the best well behaved dog or the most good looking one... we still adore him! My daddy literally treats him like his own son. As long as you mention "Qooki blah blah....", he will not lose his temper. See? Amazing is'nt it! Its nice to see that my mummy and daddy loves him. No wonder people say, old people should have pets! Oopzzz.... my parents are not that old lah! :p
I look forward to the day Qooki becomes an old grandpa corgi. Haha.... but the sis always says that it is very sad when Qooki starts to be less active and slower in his movements. My heart aches upon hearing that because deep down I know that when that happens, it means he's ageing and his days will be numbered. But I guess that is the part of it that will happen.... shall enjoy his company while I can. Don't worry, Qooki is hale and hearty now.... I'm just thinking of the future... getting slightly emo-fied.

Anyway, have a great week folks!

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