Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Qooki's fur used to be nicer before he had his skin allergy. Putting that experience behind, his skin is back to normal now. I used to take his fluffy coat for granted but a smiple hot spot or some allergy will ruin it before you can even stop it.

That explains the importance of vitamins for skin.

He's always been eating this brand of skin vitamins! Do you know any other brands that are good too? Please share! We used to give him vitamins for his joints, but we changed to vitamins for his skin.

Zooming into the label... in case you want to get it too!

They have it in tablets and powder form. I feel that the powder form is more worth it for money. Just pay a bit more, and you get a greater quantity. I put his vitamins in his food. And luckly he likes it, if not he won't even eat his food! See how fussy this boy of mine is! Haha...

Oh... today my friends, Anita and Priya, visited him! And of course, he was hyperactive and extremely excited. He also jumped onto the chair twice! Did I mention he loved the attention showered onto him?

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