Saturday, April 24, 2010

Its finally the end of my horrific exams and I can find some time to blog about what Qooki's been up too.

Just an update to his faithful readers, he's almost well from his hot spots! *shudders at the thought of it. Thank god!

This is the almost recovered version of his hot spots on the right side of his butt.

Its been almost a month, and he has almost completed his dosage of medication.
This is the amount of medication he has to eat. The bottle of lotion has to be applied onto his hot spots. The cream is for the bald spot on his joint. The vet said that bald spots on his joint is common for pets. Its something like when we rubbing our elbows against something, it causes some abrasion. Nothing serious... do your pets have a bald spot on its joints too?
The bald spot which is almost disappearing now

Our pampered boy refuses to eat his medicine, even when I secretly put it into his food. So smart of him to be able to sniff it out. The trick is to...... tadah! Hide them in bread balls using whole meal Gardenia bread (good life huh?).

'I want that bread ball.... nom nom! Give it to me!'

He paws for us!

And he will happily munch it down. Qooki loves bread, just like his jies. :)
Talking about 'paw paw', it took him 4 freaking years to learn! We concluded that all along Qooki knew how to do it but considering his stubborn character, he justs refuses to do it. I don't know why but he decided to do it one day.... since then, we always make him paw for food or before his walks.

I can still vividly remember the day he could paw. I was preparing his dinner as usual. My sis decided to randomly ask him to paw.

Jie: Paw paw... Come, paw for food
Me: Aiyah, dont waste time lah. He doesnt know how to paw!
Jie: Come paw! (Ignoring me)
After 20 seconds... Qooki suddenly decides to paw! Jie & Me: (SPEECHLESS AS WE WERE IN SHOCK!) (Screams in joy!)

Anyway, let's take a peek into Qooki's favourite weekly bath sessions. He gets his bath in the toilet. I prefer to bathe him in the washarea outside though, cos its more spacious. But my sis prefers to bathe him in the toilet. Oh, we take turns to bathe him on a monthly basis.
Mummy calls it his 'spa' session though! Qooki loves his baths.

(Pardon some of the blur pictures cos he was fidgitting while bathing)

You need to wet his fluffy fur first

Scrub scrub scrub! He feels so shiok!

Scrub more jie!

Done with shampooing him

'Don't I look handsome in soap?'

'I'll make my eyes smaller, so you can't take a picture of me!'

After 10 minutes, time to rinse off the shampoo.

'When can I get out of this basket?'

'Quick jie! So slow! I'm all ready to get out now!'

Use the hair dryer to dry his thick coat of fur. Qooki will be placed on top of the washing machine. He's scared of heights! Finally something to control that rascal!

'The hot air is blowing at me!"

'Okay... now its feels better.'

'Yipeeeeee.... now I'm really clean! Sniff me?'

"Hmmm... quick bring me down from the washing machine.'

'Don't you think I'm super clean now? Where is jie.... why is she taking so long to take my leash.'

He needs to pee after his bath and he always feel very tired after his weekly bathing sessions. He probably uses alot of energy trying to struggle while he's being dried with the old towels.

'Can I find something to eat from the grass?'

'Sniff sniff at my favourite pandan plant'
He always pees at the pandan plant.... and my mummy uses the pandan leaves from this plant too. Hey, its free and useful ferterlizer! ;)

Now that he's done relieving himself... time to snooze... The grey hose is currently his favourite toy. He bites and bites them like nobody's business. And do feel free to leave any comments! (especially fellow dog owners)

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