Monday, April 20, 2009

Oops, missed updating on the darling's life again. He headed back to the clinic for a review this morning...yay that his condition is under control, no more medication issued, the scabs/flaking skin's all gone...the skin looks fine...just that when we attempted to remove the bustler, he was reaching areas like his tail and hind paws and biting them. =_= Maybe it's habitual? A forumer mentioned he's not quite going to be the same as before. oh well, as long as he ain't scratching like he's got ants in his pants...we're fine.

Two pics taken after his shower yesterday!

The baby winking again!

AWWW, the art of pretence. One major thing that kinda changed after this whole ordeal, he's totally immune to me pointing a camera in his face, and he doesn't bark at me!

Bailey dropped by for a visit over the weekend but Qooki refused him entry, barking incessantly and marking his territory all over. Sigh, lousy PR skills Mr Q.

Oh, he eats as much fruits as we do. Apples, pears, watermelon, honeydew... :P A totally organic boy now!

And he can dance on his hind legs, for a full 10 seconds, without support HAHA, the things we make him do for food. We call it "dance roompah". Don't ask me why, we just coined whatever term came to mind and he gets it.

That's doggie lang for you, the family coins different terms for universal commands..

"down" for other dogs means a different thing to him. For us, it's "gor gor chueee" meaning lie flat down to sleep.

xoxo. He sends his furry love.

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