Monday, May 04, 2009


Some backdated pictures, to kinda remind us the horrors that our dearboy had to go through. Well not the scariest of the lot!

The one with a bashed up face, much better already..this was taken weeks after he tore off his face fur with all the rubbing.

Bum fur growing back.

Looking as forlorn as always, look carefully and you'll see his paws in mittens. They didn't last past one day though, he didn't fancy getting his paws draped.

The King of the table, making his way up on the table and feeling the least bit sorry abt it!

He's doing good...more or less off medication for good. *Keeping fingers crossed* Yes, homecooked food still very much amazes him. We tried removing the cone for a weebit yesterday, and he started gnawing at his hind paws after a while.

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