Friday, March 27, 2009

He's definitely getting better..but his rascal-like antics are back. -oh god!-

  1. We bought him a tent to hide in when it rains..but guess what the fella did? Bark at it all night.
  2. Pooping and peeing is a helluva great deal for him that he HAS to announce it, regardless. And he barks till you acknowledge the laying of the golden eggs.
  3. He's derived ultimate joy from perching at the balcony, just a step up to peer down and bark relentlessly at the activity downstairs..all these, wagging his furry tail nonstop.
  4. It amuses me to no end watching him sit real still regardless which part of the balcony he's at whenever anyone of us opens the gate, as if welcoming us home from atop.
  5. Till today, he stills gobbles his homecooked dinner with much gusto... :) It's been a real long while since he had that much interest in food. Yes, he partakes of the same fruit platter as we do after dinner daily. Apples, pears, bananas...

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