Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update on the darl's condition...the raw food and homecooked stuff are doing him soooo good! :) Dang, should've just got that started eons ago! That'll save us so much heartache and frustration. Rash, rash go away! His fur's starting to grow back..the red rude fierce looking patches are looking less irritable.

For one, he's gotten used to sleeping infront of the hse with the car...barking's reduced to a minimum..*keeping my fingers crossed*

For two, he's pretty content with walks around the house on the leash. It's quite amusing seeing him reversing his furry body out when he doesn't dare to cross a huge palm leaf. Yes, he's afraid of em.

For three, we're totally removing can food, pellets and milk from his diet...never knew how harmful they were to him. :( Better late than never!

For four, he doesn't scratch so hard that his skin can bleed internally.

For five, he's slowly growing back into a lovable pesky furball.

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