Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An update on the boy's condition...he worsened it when the bustler came off last week, tearing off the fur on his face by intensively rubbing it against godknowswhat in the wee hours of the morning and also biting of two buttcheeks worth of fur. Yes, you get the rough pic how naked he is. He looks totally "punched" and "abused" and ten thousand miles away from what he used to look. The parts that are inflamed are really scary to look at, the skin's so brittle...and any rubbing can cause it to bleed. :( A very sorry sight..so much so...nearly everyone at the vet was kinda shocked to see him in this condition.

We all were forlorn and frustrated...third visit to the vet...they scraped off his hugely inflamed skin as samples to test for mites. Negative. We were advised to change his diet <-- which we've been averse to, after all the trial and error and what not. In fact, the vet threw up one hundred and one possibilities which got us slightly irked; aren't you the vet? Shouldn't there be some definitive answers we can get?

Anyhow we left the vet's with a truckload of medication (again!)...she even suggested giving him steroids..and some muscle relaxant which we've gotta get over the counter.

Throughout all these, we met a really really really kind lady at the vet's...her dog was there to change his microchip. The dog also had the same condition at qooki and she healed him herself!!! She's so nice as to advise on the remedy and gave up so many tips. *touched* A helping hand in times of need, seriously. It's these people who really remind you there are such genuine dog-loving people around! She's so on the ball with us, she smsed and called to find out more about Qooki's condition and we're updating her along the way!

So it's been 3 days since we changed his diet..oh it's all things raw...read here. One raw egg every morning, dinner consists of boiled fish/pork with veggies...and thank god he's loving it. It's been SO long since we saw him lap his dinner up so greedily. :) I never knew raw food's a major favourite of dogs. He's sooo much better now, the itch is less evident...*phew* Just keeping our fingers crossed abt this...we all really really really want him to get better.

Pictures to be up soon..as a note to ourselves and other dog lovers.. skin allergy is something that's so horrifying and never wld u want your pet getting it.

on a separate note, he's kinda got all bossy and demanding just because of his condition. And, he knows it. The other night, he got all bark-ish. Thank Goodness the cane still works. *phew*

alright, ta!

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