Friday, March 06, 2009

A bowow to anyone who's still following the boy's blog...he's gotten better from the frightening allergy. NOW, we're discovering other things about him...thunderstorm anxiety. That translates to him being uncontrollable, barking incessantly until the storm tides over. He's always had it..just that I didn't think it's an anxiety, more so "fearless" from our point of view.

Sigh. Doesn't help that it thunders at night, and he barks like mad regardless of the timing (duh!) Last night alone..we were up till 1-ish trying to silence him...and finally it stopped raining at 1am. GOSH. Few ways to go about it...

1) find a "safe" haven for him..either into the hse...or a dogpen...or what have you..but even yesterday putting him in the house just got him barking whenever it thundered. Unless the house is sound proofed I guess. :S

2) Medicate him. Another round of medicines? Boy, he's taking far more medication than I ever did.

3) Therapy...think lavendar oils. Something tells me, he's not gg to respond to this..being so aggressive.

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