Thursday, July 17, 2008

Qooki darling's THREEE! ok, actually pretty old news by now..his birthday was a supremely quiet affair though. Not too sure even if he was aware it's his birthday. I wished him "Happy Birthday" before I left for work...pretty sure the sis did the same..and probably got the same reaction; he cocked his head aside and just looked at you.

I returned late that day...sang him a birthday song pretty hurriedly...and not like he could fathom a word/tune though!

The next morning, we presented him with his present! We've got an unspoken rule, his birthday present MUST be presented to him when both of us are present. hehe.

I pointed to the present and told him "Qooki, this is your birthday present." He looked at it...glared really hard...and took off with it when we passed it to him. After nearly a painful hour of hearing it lost the squeak?!?!?!?!?!? [WHAT LOUSY QUALITY!] or maybe he bit it too hard. hrmpf.

Anyway...I saw him later the day and asked him "Where's your birthday present?" He glanced at me and ran off...returning with the pink porcupine. OMG. Ultimate cuteness!!! I repeated the command another day...AND TA-DAH!!! He knows what "birthday present" meant!!

:) Brought tears seriously...we've come so far. That's our boy!!

Three golden years...we're never alone with sucha bundle of nerves. We've seen him go through different bad habits...different thing's not changed though, our fascination with this furry ball.

He's gone through periods of poop-eating, digging holes (I spied a hole somewhere last nite!!), licking his paws brown...eating snails (still does...on irregular basis)...refusing pellets (he won this battle against the owners, we just couldn't bear to see him go hungry for days which he is VERY capable of!)..dropping outta obedience classes (which till this day has never resumed..of which I really blame Patrick and his "famous" school for being so tardy with this whole affair)...puking at the sight of the huge sea (his first visit!), being dragged to school literally...(I remember his paws firmly sticking onto the concrete pavement every single time he went to school)...those memories.

We've seen him sneeze/cough...fall terribly sick the first time he came home...misbehaved at the clinic...scared the other dogs by being so fuzzy with em at the park...charged at a german shepherd...dig his first hole...pooped in the cage and still act so garang about it when other puppies wld've hid in one corner feeling utmost sorry...scream for dinner like an alarm clock...bit a hole in my jacket...took off with daddy's slippers and nibbled till they were torn...screamed his lungs out every time I attempted to go near his long nails...and yada...

Well sometimes it takes just that heartwarming ONCE to melt all the naughtiness away. :)

Be healthy my lil fuzzy ball...stop shouting so loud...we ALL can hear u! To the many many years ahead..till you're all grey and old...we'd be the best owners u'll find...or try to be at least..we'll be loving you all the way. xoxo.

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