Saturday, July 19, 2008

The birthday present to the boy!

Eyeing it greedily...

haha, he looks pretty cute from behind! That's him squishing the poor porcupine..

Taking an afternoon nap, snug beneath a plant.

His way of saying "stop peeping at me!"

I made sure he really understood "birthday present" this morning and that it wasn't a fluke...I threw him two the same time and told him "get me the birthday present" first he ran after the other ball...figured out half way that the "birthday present" was the other and he dropped the other, picked up the pink porcupine and headed back to me.

It happened more than once!

Impressive darling. :)

Now I knw why he's really so bothered about having us at earshot..hearing every single thing...and perhaps really understanding every word. Amazing.

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