Sunday, June 29, 2008

June's ending and we're stepping into July soon! :) The darling's gg to be T-H-R-E-E! Or...21 years old in human age. Pretty excited about it...cos he's gg to be the same "age" as the sis..lolx. *oops* spilled the beans. We've kind of successfully "tamed" the shrew a weebit. By staring really hard and fiercely at him...oh well, a baby step to reducing the noise pollution he creates every single morning, rain or shine, weekday or weekend. Maybe it's the becoming of age? He's less precocious...or assertive anymore? Ok, "less" is relative. Nonetheless, it still thrills us knowing he ain't that gangsterly anymore..haha.

The darling telling us he wants to biting the toy and thrusting it at you.

His majestic pose under the scorching sun...the ground's always cooler.

Finally taking his majestic nap. :P

*aww* cuteness! When he was rudely awakened by the slamming of the door. It pains me sometimes when he's so soundly asleep and he being SO sensitive to noise jumps awake.

The baby! I carried him of late...darn! So heavy...nearly 30kg?? That's 3 bags of rice..

Bailey's visit!

The drill: Sniffing the "foreigner" out

Bailey attempts a Qooki. I've got be biased, my Qooki's shot sitting on a chair is cuter. eheheheh. ok, I can't find the similar pic. :(

The fuzzy ball of fur!

Us, having a hand carrying the cute one.

We gave him Qooki's jumper to wear...lols, he's SO SMALL in it!

He's quite a poseur isn't he?

Nibbling his pjs.

Parading it.

He's such great fun to take pics with cos he POSES for you, seriously.

Well that's the pictures of the ideal pooch! But rest assured, we still do love our bundle of nerves plenty, plenty, PLENTY!


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