Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Day to Walkie Walkie...
Its been a long while since Qooki took his daily walks at the connector cum park. I used to take him out for a walk everyday during my school holidays but after awhile the lazy spells got onto me and.... hahaha! Soon, he forgot about his daily walks.
Our darling loves his walks and when its 5:30pm, he will definitely remind me to take him out for his walk. *gaps. Sometimes I wonder how come he knows the timing.... he is really accurate with the time ok! This is a long overdue post but I think its worth posting about his walk since there has'nt been a post on that. Alrighty, come join us on our walk...
Take 1: Sit first... lets wear the leash if not he will get lost!

Take 2: Sitting position with leash

Take 3: "Jie... stop taking my foto and start WALKING!"
Hmm.... "I think I look more handsome in this angle? :p"

This is the mini path which is blocked by the pots of plants which he has to go through
"Ok Jie, Im a good boy..... Can already?"
yay! Off we gooooooooooo!
Sniffing at Dad's car wheel

Sniffing at the bushes
"Hmm... I think this corner smells really good. Time to mark my territory!"
Classic Pooing position: Bend your whole back....Ooooo....

"Scratching my hind legs.... and lets continue walking"
After walking for about 15 minutes, the boy felt a lil tired and decided to rest... asusual he only knows how to sit when is he outdoors.

Too tired from the walking... Btw, Qooki has a poor stamina. He needs to rest awhile before continuing his walk. Can you see his saliva dripping? haha...
Along the connector, there is a brigde with a flight of stairs. Im proud of our lil darling cos he knows how to run up and down the stairs.
Down the stairs!
At the playground, there are also some pebbles... which are for people to step on them... supposedly helps to circulate the blood. Who says dogs dont need blood circulation? heehee.... I decided to let him circulate some of his blood too.... *laughs*
"Can we go already? The pebbles are tickling meeeeeee"
And off we continued our walk.... and returned home!
Quenching his thirst.... lick lick lick.
Home Sweet Home!
Our lil rascal, I hope you enjoyed the walk as much as I did with you.... xoxo.

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