Saturday, June 07, 2008

One more month to his 3rd birthday!! It's become almost a monthly affair or bi-monthly that I blog about this rascal. :P He's much the same, heavier, bigger, always without fail try to challenge authority. We've always tried to instil some form of discipline with him...

Morning: Wait for mom to hang her clothes in the cage...wash the clothes before he's let out...sometimes he joins the parents at breakfast in the ball with daddy

Evening: Goes back to cage when told (with the promise of dinner soon! haha)...Wait and sit for dinner...sleep and be quiet unless perturbed by six legged/four legged nuisances in the garden

That's the most we've done to make him a better boy. Of course, there are plenty more areas we can and have to work on...afterall, sometimes or when he's gotten the hang of disobeying, he goes on a disobedient rampage. :P

Three years, it's been a long time but doesn't quite feel so. It seems like only yesterday that we brought him home. Nothing huge is planned for his birthday...not sure about a treat though, he's not quite keen on USDB anymore. But sure enough, there'll be presents!

Some shots of him of late..

His fave "tua gong" look.

He LOVES to manja at the camera...face it at him...he turns his face away, shows you this pathetic look.

In the midst of turning his fat ass around

The "goodbye have fun where you are going" look.

As I type this, he is barking his lungs out requesting for play ball? *laughs* that IS our boy for you, wilful lil fur ball.

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