Thursday, June 19, 2008

The darling had a friend over last week! Bailey he's called...but I don't think he fancied him to come later!~

Bailey's a 4 month old shih tzu who's pretty much the ideal dog to temper, no tantrums, no barking, no misbehaving, no this no that..yah the angel and my boy the devil. Qooki drooled all over poor Bailey...;P He was threatened I figure by Bailey's presence and was furious the whole nite...refusing dinner, shouting at the top of his lungs..yada.

ahhh well. The only redeeming factor...he still gets all the love with his doeful eyes. We bought a cane a meek attempt to teach him some proper manners..I figure he thinks it's a joke...only running off when he sees the cane..and resumes the bad behaviour nearly immediately. Maybe it is time we stopped trying to change him?

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