Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back with updates of the uber duper naughty boy. He attempted escape just a couple of days ago! GOD. I shouted so loud...and started flaying my arms around frantically causing a irritating chest pain thereafter. GAHh...

Basically what happened was a string of "so-happens"...very coincidental and unbelievable...BUT it really ALL happened.

It so happened he got bored of my mom making him wait after she's done with the hanging of so happened we were a tad too laxed when he ran into the kitchen...and then into the hall..and out of the house nearing the gate and SO happened the gate was open..and he was SO close to dashing out...PHEW.


anyways, some pictures of the darling of late!

his latest zzz spot!

his dirty paw...and him trying to shut some eye!

awww cuteness!!

spotted a random corgi, on a card!!!

his usual lazy position.

aiite, love love!

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