Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bailey's sucha sweetheart! He made everyone in the family rather happy with him..:) He's totally like what a dog should be like..making us ponder..should we get another?

Then again, with Qooki being so territorial and possessive, we'd better think twice. Qooki knew his "rival" was still around today, he barked insanely. Somehow he managed to catch a peek of him through the glass sliding doors...he kinda took it off from there, near shouting at the poor fella. :(

For once, I know how it feels like having a dog that's obedient, obeys his master's words like a bible and...there's peace in the house!

He doesn't dare go down the stairs so he sits obediently by them, hoping someone would come up and get him.

He doesn't make a squeak..lazes around you, follows you, making sure you don't lose sight of cuteness!!

When you're back, he welcomes you with neverending wagging of his tail and jumps on you playfully.

He amuses himself when you're not free to entertain him.

I should stop comparing...but it's good to know, that's how dogs really are. ;) Goodbye bailey, till we next meet! It was a pleasure having you around for a day or two.

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