Monday, April 14, 2008

Terribly sorry for the lack of updates...
the rascal's still as naughty as ever,
if not naughtier..
it seems as if every month is a test of whether he's gotten naughtier or otherwise.

THIS picture took me nearly 3 yrs to capture
of him peeing.


given his short legs...always found it hard trying to tell pple how the darling relieves himself.
there you go, he CAN lift his hind paws pretty well..and avoid getting em wet.

he's otherwise more assertive this month..2 yrs 9 mths and counting!
a new found trick of "staying in the cage" and watching mommy do a truckload of things without flinching.
Pretty proud of him actually.

Then again, he does lapse into the "puppy mode" or so we call it when he gets a lil outta hand..or refuses to heed commands..

it kinda amused me the other day cos he spent half the day chasing thunders and lightnings..
he was soooo tired, he didn't bother greeting any of us when we came back.
AND, to thk i thought he was ill.

aiite, will blog more...
his blog is somewhat neglected...
but the boy definitely isnt with all the lurve he's getting.


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