Friday, February 08, 2008

Finally the pictures from the super duper overdue visit of Toffee!

Dogs kinda love to sniff each other my...look at the diff...2.5 yrs versus 5 mths!

they pounce around each other a bit..

Share a drink or two...

check out the place abit...mark their territories..

the darling's way too well behaved...hahaah...see what competition does..

love this pic!!!

toffee sits rather cutely, with his legs spayed open. ehe...sucha cutie!

small and cute.

the same fave pic..posting twice!

all dawn has to do is "toffee, bao bao" and he willingly lets her carry him! He's SOOOO light!!

trying to position the boys..

toffee discovers he can squeeze thru the gate!

poof he goes...

leaving qooki to wait outside...after attempting to squeeze himself in..heee...too fat lar, boy!

the sis with the sweetheart!

my turn!

toffee got too comfy inside...getting all the love from the parents...awwww.

such obedience when it comes to picture taking...

dawn trying her hand at portraits..


done with the post!

the boy's getting rambuctious this month..well, naughty's his middle name.

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