Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's been eternity since I made any updates on the boy...

  1. Well..he's gotten pretty used to the dad playing ball with him every single morning. if not, he'll bark his lungs sore just to get the dad out to play with him. seven days a week, nary a day less. Try skipping a day, you wish you went deaf. :P There was once he heard the dad's voice on the phone, he went ballistic...wanting to play "bolla". =_="""
  2. I kinda confirmed that he can see pretty well...from a distance at least...when he spots me outside...he'll quickly position himself properly to say "hello"..when I get back from work. Sweetness!
  3. He can catch balls pretty well, nosing them...mouthing them..whatever... think it's his longest favourite game ever.
  4. Bathing to him bathing to a pig. He kinda dislikes it...preferring to roll around in dirt. Eeeks.
that's all! promise pictures soon...will take some of him over the new yr! heex.

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