Sunday, December 30, 2007

Was just randomly talking to Dawn last nite about corgis..realised she has one too! 5 mths old...and...she dropped by with Toffee today! WAS SUPER and a half hours later...we had such GREAT FUN!!! :) Can't wait for more of such "doggie getogethers".

Toffee's a 5 mth tail...he's sucha darling. The sis, mom and dad were hugely smitten with the lil cute one. Yes yes yes, we took a mad amount of pictures...will post em up later! (:

For once, my dear boy got bullied...we kinda were hurraying to that! hahaha...he kinda took a liking to Toffee too...but got really jealous when all of us were cooing over the lil one. Indeed, when placed together, our boy looks huge!

The boy was relatively well-behaved around em...tho cld've been better. ahaha...was somewhat quiet and less rowdy...

Toffee's a chilli padi! Small but fiery. (: Gorgeous looking boy too!

Qooki qooki...was really tempted to get another one after today..just a random thought but nah...too much of a responsibility since the sis and I are both so caught up with work. :(

ok, till the pics are uploaded....qooki says...have a great year folks!

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