Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hi-time I updated the darling's blog...have always wanted to do timely updates but...lazy lar!!

Of late...his new habit/interest is playing ball..getting you to toss the ball super high and he tries to nose it...which he managed to do so quite a couple of times, cracking all of us pretty much...:P

He LOVES sleeping under trolleys, plants...should post a couple of sneaky shots I took of him...heehee...

Oh, we bought him an uber huge doggie bowl form IKEA yest...surprisingly..he didnt snarl at it..or bark nonstop..kinda loves it..which is good really...I hope he has already outgrown the habit of barking insanely at foreign objects!

christmas is here again...we're thking of getting him a always..there's always a reason to pamper the darling no matter how awfully disobedient he is! Mince pies for dogs?


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