Monday, October 29, 2007

It's been a while since I've updated about the rascal's wellbeing...

Was rudely awakened by the darling's high pitched-screechy and almost tearing the morning scerenity apart. Scrambled downstairs at 6 freaking find our dear neighbour's pooch-qooki's beloved wagging her tail next to his cage. Yes, she jumped over yet again. By right...he wouldn't scream that way. Seems that...Mika was playing with his favourite carrot toy...which he hated. He didn't want her sharing anything of his things. Territorial. ahahah...was joking with the Mom that thank goodness we didn't have another dog...he'd prob tear at the other. tsk tsk. my irritation the demure dog ATE a hote in my jelly shoes. BAH. What a sight to behold before heading to work. GRRRRR.

a random sighting one weekend! SOOOOO KAWAIIIII!!! The paws!! hehe. Silky terriers are...shooo adorable.

Update on the darling's sleeping positions...he loves the soil this much.

Stirring and he refuses a shot! haha...he really doesn't love the camera that much.

And proceeds to move outta the really snug spot.

The boy running up and down..his daily routine.

Prancing around...see that fave half bitten carrot.

The dear one next door.

The day that she jumped over and I had to take pictures with her! haha..she attempted to cross the boundaries into the house...a stern "No." and she retreats.

Such obedience...


Trying to take a pic with her without her licking my face..

haha candid.

Okies..that's all for now! Qooki sends his furry love. :)

2 years...3 months and counting...come to thk of it..he'd be celebrating his 21st together with the sis...if you convert to human years! :P lame lame lame.

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