Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The boy's 2nd xmas with us! Took quite a couple of pics with him..wanted very much to dress the darling up..the best we could...tie a purple ribbon round his neck and he was tugging at the ribbon the whole nite. -tsk tsk-

He's amusing us these days with his 'noseball' skills.. dad's hugely proud of him...hahahaha...he can nose the ball when being tossed one...and BETTER STILL...after successfully nosing it, he'll PARADE round the garden like a haughty boy. ahhaha..have yet to really catch him in action..but the sis and dad can vouch for it! oh my god. hahahaa...

just yest...he did sth that really made me smile. He has a habit of running to the garden side, propping himself down handsomely and cocks his head to one side whenever we come home...the parents left home yest...another car replaced the parents' parking lot..he shrieked his lungs if to tell the car to 'buzz off, it's my daddy's parking lot!'. -awwww-

i can go on forever just talking abt the sweetheart. (:

yes he drives us nuts with his lung power,
yes he makes me mad whenever he steals my clothes and drags them round the hse...
yes he gets a lil crazy when we get to the wrong side of him...
yes he isn't the world's best behaved doggie..

but hey, we all love him. so immensely much. i can never be the same without him.

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