Monday, October 08, 2007

Life with mister qooki has been quite a drama of late. well not entirely him alone. he's as usual growing up so fast...I can't help but miss his puppy days..those were the days when he was an ickle I could just pick up and snuggle...not that I can't carry him now but he's a big boy...

anyway, the pictures!

the latest shots of the boy with his newfound sleeping place?! On the soil. =_=""

so afraid of waking him when I sneaked this pic on him...soooo comfortably snoozing...hiaks. He looks most angelic like that. ^^

Yesterday afternoon's drama was waaaay more than we ever bargained for. Torrential rain, crazy dog of mine was barking and running around in the rain...oh well, none too surprising his behaviour...until...

My mom shrieked "Oh my god" heart nearly stopped beating..for a moment I thought the poor boy was injured or sth...HELL NO.

The neighbour's dog, our boy's love...remember Mika the husky??? She LEAPT over. LEAPT. YES, JUMPED OVER INTO OUR GARDEN.

God knows how she did that..but imagine TWO dogs pouncing around in the garden...ignoring our calls...ignoring the rain...I feared Qooki wld bite her or sth...:/ Talk about failing obedience classes...

the lady in action...running all over the place...thk she wasn't the least bit terrified...running back and forth...easily hopping over the pots we placed to prevent Qooki from running to the scared she'd run off the moment we opened the gates...

finally cornered Qooki and put him into his fave green basket...whilst poor Mika was left outside. She's a gentle creature...but somehow, upclose...I was terrified of her.

She's pretty obedient tho...managed to tempt her with treats...thank god for dog treats...she paws and sits quite well! hahaha...very sweet natured...if not for the fact she's bigger than qooki...wld thk i'd like her. she sat herself rather comfortably whilst waiting for her owner's return.

Boy, what an episode?!

Can't imagine what wld've happened if none of us were at home when this happened. :S

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