Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This happened quite a while ago...our dear sweetheart was fiddling with this particular pail...he was kind of standing of it...then it gave he fell THROUGH the pail. He was in shock...regained himself..and barked at it. wahahah... sis and I have been trying to get him to sit whenever we move the pots aside for him to go walkie...if you don't already know...we made a kinda barrier so he can't run to the front garden and attempt to uproot all the plants (he did that previously). So...yest was a failure cos he simply plonked himself down and lay there like a log...but today...a breakthrough!!!


Guess who he was looking at? Mika...she was peering over..when we were doing the lil practise. *happy* he actually didnt rail at me for snapping pics of him~

Staring hard at the leash...must be thinking..."so pull any harder, I'm gonna bite you!" heex.

Filmed a video...BUT, seeking clearance from the main star of the sis! haa...meanwhile, just enjoy the pics~

Another noteworthy incident today...he was doing the usual sit-stay during dinner..he decided to shift his NECK *not butt* to lick the delicious beef sis caught him red-handed and hollered "NO EATING"...he actually obeyed! *claps*

Our boy's growing up well. Happy. We sure hope he stays good forever. :P

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