Tuesday, August 22, 2006

1 year 1 month and 11 days old. He has been a bundle of energy...Well, some habits die hard...like digging, dusting his back paws...being somewhat choosy with treats...no longer is bread a hot favourite. Gardenia no less...nownow, who says it's so good it can be eaten on its own?? :P Even my dog doesn't want it. wahhaa.

My sis fell down whilst walking him...cos he was startled when a dog barked at him...causing him to go wonky and dash. =_= Gory, gory.

The little things that I oughta be thankful for...he always sits, regardless...(: He says goodbye to us...he welcomes us with a bark or two...he tells me, it's 6 and u shd be outta bed!...he lets me cuddle him when I want to. He makes a good cushion, btw! Anyone in the queue? Hugs start at 2 dollars. wahahah.

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