Monday, August 14, 2006

Thank goodness I captured it! haha...

EP 1: Qooki & Mika, the power of love. I think they kind of have a thing for each other? The other dog kinda hates Qooki and keeps biting him *hrmpf* whenever he and mika are chilling below...*lols*

Mika loves peering over to check out the lil boy....

He realises so...and decides to say "HI!"...see how long he is now! Previously, he had to keep jumping to reach her!

The naughty rascal can't stay long (given his short legs) and leaves her peering like this while he runs off somewhere. hahaa...

Ytd, we dropped by USDB...they were having a mini dog gathering...was miffed when one particular owner gave me a look when I was fussing with her dog. GRRR. seriously, what's wrong with people admiring your dog?! Qooki wasn't there..but my point is...even during walks I don't mind pple fussing over him...but why bring ur dog out and keep him to urself? I don't get the mentality of dog owners. *BAH!*

Mom cooked dinner for Qooki today! Hahah...sounds even more appetizing than our dinner. TSK. Beef stew. See...even dogs have it much better! You bet he loved it loads..and kept licking it. (:

That's our sweetheart. (: Long pink tongue...! But that's him saying goodbye whenever we leave him behind...*hee*


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