Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Qooki's sad that he hasn't seen Phoebe or Maxie recently...

We met a ginormously-sized female corgi yest!! She's soooo big! And it's almost twice Qooki's size...Her head is alr much bigger than his...her paws can cover his...She's what he'll become...*oooooooooh* *EAGER* The best part..she's soooo docile. Which kinda settles our preferred sex for Qooki's companion...A female. :) He was so fiery with jealousy when my sis and i were fussing over her! *hahah*


He sends his love. OH. He lurrrrrrrves bread. Like LOVES BREAD. He gobbled 4 slices today. wahahhaa...and he's seriously putting on weight with all that carbs.

I wish I can bring him to work sometimes...lols. Or get a corgi stuffed toy! =) On the lookout, always.

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