Sunday, July 30, 2006

The lil boy's back at holing thru the garden...have a feeling he wants to leave his prints everywhere -- so long as there's no grass patch. *grr* So that results in us keeping a close watch on his every move and shrieking at him the moment those paws get into action..grabbing him into the washroom and into the sink for cleaning of paws. You never know how nasty looking his paws can get once stained. Esp when he's got white paws. eeeeergh. The pics say enuff..dont they?

So...he understands time to walk, time to eat, time to play...time to bathe even...he kinda knows exactly 5 late afternn sharp and the barking starts.

A step closer towards getting another least mom's not TOTOALLY AGAINST IT! She thinks when Qooki's 5, it's a right age...ah long as he's not alone for the rest of his life...I'm happy! =) *saving up real hard for another of these cute things* Should I get him a brudder? or sista? lols.

He's out for a walk now...*paws*

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