Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's amazing how animals can be trained to understand humans. More so with Qooki...he seems to understand more and more with each passing much seems like he knows our weak points and in the most awful terms, manipulates them cleverly.

Mentioned before that he knows time...because of the reshuffling of his play time in the garden to suit my work schedule..he barks promptly from 6+ onwards. In the morning..even on weekends. Today...he tried tugging at the leash which is hung just above his tell us he wanted to go for "walkie". Ignored it..then he started barking. When I went to him..he was sitting there looking at me with the most doeful eyes. The kind that...if you didn't acede to his request, they'd brim with tears.

We told him "walkie" wld happen after we returned from getting the groceries...and he was obedient...he sat by the side waiting...

Nevermind all the holes in the garden...for now, he's a sweetpea. haa. Havent been filming or taking pics of him much..but he'll be one year and one month in...5 days time! ") Time flies. Literally.

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