Sunday, July 23, 2006

Top reasons why QOoki is such a love.

  1. Sometimes I really think he understands what I'm saying...I asked him.."Qooki, if you want more food, you sit okay?" The next moment, he sits. *yay!*
  2. Continuation of example sis told him to "Sit and stay then you can drink the milk." He did so VERY happened that the bowl of milk was within reach by leaning slightly he lapped it SITTING down...See...Jiejie, I sit and stayed what...I didn't stand for milk! *faints*
  3. We left him in the house alone today, so before leaving I closed the back door and windows...he squealed...most pitifully, as if he hated to be left behind. ahaha...
  4. He knows where to find his friends. He literally hurried me to bring him for a walk on friday so that he can go find his furry pals.
  5. He cocks his ears side-ways and tilts it towards the direction any sound is coming from...foreign soounds when you say sth he hasn't heard before? Or when people are talking...eavesdropper!!

that's all. but he's been a real sweetheart these days. (: He loves hanging out in the garden...watching mommy do things like hang clothes...water plants...

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