Thursday, July 20, 2006

He's a superbly well-behaved poochie sis and i are keeping our fingers crossed (as to how long this will ensue...but we're always hopeful!)

I was most irate when I was awoken by his barking...almost continuous for 10 mins or more...then it restarted with a "howling" kind...the kind when he spots intruders aka damned cats...and I was most prepared to scurry down (after being dragged awake for breakfast) to scream at him...BUT, indeed, there WAS an intruder...a freaking daring one that left its POOP behind. I reckon the cat mustve made its way COSILY into the gate and HIGHLY LIKELY slept NEXT to Qooki's cage. *grrrr* See what audacity cats have these days...hrmpf. I wonder what'd happen if Qooki's not in his cage at night...A nite to behold.

Every morning's routine begins with a morning play in the poop, chase wadever...and end with a good groom. Previously, he refused adamently to "sitting on command"...sth we've kinda got used to since he refuses from this morning...he actually waited (which includes sitting) to be let out...waited for his toys, waited for treats and waited to be groomed. *brilliant!* OH, and he's decided that towels are only fun when they're tugged down...thereafter, they become boring things. And, holes aren't fun to dig anymore! *whooppeeee!* What a good morning. hahahahaa...

I shd think his good behaviour's a continuation of last nite's walk...He was being a stubborn brat when he refused to sit despite having a huge crowd of students walk past him...(he has got a tendency to be particularly obedient i.e. sitting, staying...refusing to disturb other dogs, when other people are watching him...) So...when a 3 yr old Japanese girl came up to him, I was tugging him worried that he'll refuse to sit! She pointed to him and her mom asked if her daughter can touch Qooki...GUESS WHAT! He plonked his heavy butt on the ground JUST to let her pet him. *rofl* He didn't all. Nownow, I realise why they say corgis are good with children...children are gentler as compared to adults...haha..

The good streak kinda ended when we met Phoebe (the cream coloured lab...i think..ive got problems differentiating labs from goldies. *OOPS*) She was quietly sitting and I was petting her and all...and our dear boy decided to disturb her by nosing her...she quickly took off...and it happened more than once! :( Bad boy!

He also met a brown coloured puppy...not sure what breed...but just a short meeting...

*WALKWALKWALK* I spy a really teenyweeny pooch!! Upclose...the young girl stopped for the pooch to sniff Qooki...THANK GOODNESS he's a MINI POMERANIAN!! *GASPS* as big as my palM?? and that's as large as it gets...can you imagine how small it really is and its fur was gone...SO, it's PUNY. But so kewt!! She's called "CaroL"...sits on command, paws too! *faints* She made Qooki look humongous. hahaha...My heart nearly dropped by Qooki tried jumping on her. >.< What'd happen to poor tiny Carol??

Anyways, that's the rascal for ya! Will try to bring my digicam along when I bring him for walks...quite a different side of him when he's outside...

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