Sunday, July 16, 2006

This week has been an o-k-a-y- week for the sweetheart that turned ONE on tues. =) He's been going for walks on a daily basis...*till the next time my sis/i get too busy* Loves getting walked...meeting new friends...! A goldy called Phoebe and a black lab called Maxie...if I'm not wrong. Amazing creatures! They're allowed to roam without leash and they'll just be a call away!! *gasps* I wish our dear darling wld be like this someday!!

He amused everyone yest by guarding the windows above his cage fiercely. My mom was cleaning them..and he was barking, and barking...close to if he understood the pain of the he decided to bite onto her shorts to prevent her from scrubbing em. *lol*

If weather does permit later...he'll be off to the beach!! For some swimming...meeting up of other poochies...and sun-baking...<--what he so loves, true to his aussie roots. We've put it off for a week and he was a lil disappointed when he didn't get to go "play" last week due to heavy *keepingfingerscrossed!*

First times ought to be remembered, trust us to put it on record. *winks*

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