Sunday, July 16, 2006

OKAY! We managed to go to the beach afterall! BUT, was fraught with difficulties. haaa...He was a tad terrified of the huge bellowing waves...refused to go near it...till daddy decided to carry him into it...he swam back!! But, we figured that's cos he's gg in the same direction as the waves, so he was "pushed" to shore.

He was quite cool about playing in the sand...BUT, he didn't dig...(bah! he only digs at home!)

Then my mom decided to be cheeky..she tried burying qooki in sand...which he obviously hated. lols.

Initially he jumped whenever the waves went near him...slowly he let his paws get wet. But that was the furthest he went...reached a stage whereby he pulled himself safely away from the waves and plonked himself on the sand, refusing to budge.

He basically pooped. peeed. and puked out of fear of the sea. lols. And, his puke was on me?! *argh!* Disgusting. ;/

We saw a fellow corgi at the beach too! But it was just going for a walk, not playing in the sea. =_=

pics and vids to be up. tmr?

i think...the sea in the somewhat too dirty. yikes. Can't imagine swimming in it. But a first for him! We'll be back! haaa...

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