Tuesday, July 11, 2006

He's ONE!! *throws confetti*

Not sucha huge bash. ahha. He's got my mom, my sis and I for company. (as always) Will be getting him a muffin from a bakery later, or whatever that looks good. The Birthday Boy has come a loong way..in terms of doggie days and...we're glad he's with us!

1 doggie year = 7 human years. I hope he's got a damn long way. (:

Let's take a way down memory lane...We were scouting for a pooch after the much-awaited nod from my Mom...that nod took a freaking long 20 years! I've always longed for a dog...somehow a dog completes the childhood..but she never gave in...citing our irresponsibility...blahblah. My sis and I had plenty of goldfish, dwarf hamsters that got eaten up by the damned cat, 1 terrapin that I was terrified of, 1 chick that became a chicken...and got sent away, a couple of luohan...SO, we began the search for the "perfect" dog somewhere late 2004/early 2005. They went farm-hopping and spotted a corgi, 7 mths...one that'd run to you when you clap your hands. But...then the asking price was sky-high...4 figures no less and plenty of opportunity costs.

My Mom had her heart set on a corgi. I was open to...a mini pinscher, whippet, corgi...scoured thru weeks of papers, went to petshops disappointed cos they didnt have corgis despite advertising (even after I made calls?! GRRR) ...there was once where the corgi JUST got sold. *argh!* So the wanted sign was out:

Breed: Pembroke Corgi
Age: Preferably puppy...
Color: Hopefully brown-white
Sex: Male.

I made calls even to pple who were breeding them in Thailand. =_= So one fine day...we decided to head back to the first farm when my mom sighted that cute corgi...and ta-dah! We saw one...in the cage with a yellow ribbon...was a handsome fella...BUT, sold. *grrr* That sweetheart is Qooki's brother. His sister was also on display...a sad-looking female...maybe cos she's a little shy. We requested for a male and he was brought out. He didn't look a least bit friendly then...was somewhat irritated, despite us fussing him..when placed back in the cage with his sister...he did sth outta the ordinary...he started circling the cage and pooped! No wonder he was irritated with the fuss we created. Thereafter he started bullying his sister by stepping on her. Haha..

He was bought. And the yellow ribbon was put round his neck. Came home a good week later. Never knew having a pooch meant buying SO many things, things you'd never imagine. He was snuggling up to Daddy in the car when we went home that day.

The first night home was...surprisingly good, probably the best of all the nites ever..wahahahahah! I expected puppies to be stressed or not used to strange surroundings..but he slept like a log. The first nite...wasn't as fuss-free tho. We left him in the toilet with newspapers before heading out for dinner..when we returned..the toilet reeked of urine, newpapers was shredded..and the lil boy was in a corner looking most guilty. He scurried towards me when I opened the toilet door...and I quickly shouted "No!" <-- didn't want him to walk everywhere with the urine on his paws and all. GUESS WHAT?! Because of that, he totally ignored me for the rest of the night. *lols* I didn't take the pet seller's words seriously when he said corgis have a temperament...they'll take to heart when you scold them. He used to gorge his food without chewing. He used to pee upon being scared. He used to be so small. He's a bigger boy now. We'll be loving this lil rascal all the way. To the many many birthdays ahead, cheers sweetheart.
First few days at home...

So small at 3 months.

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