Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Our sweetheart.

He's winking!! and we caught it on camera...he's chilling with us. ^^

The birthday treat...shep pie. (:

The garang boy...all ready to go to the beach!!!

He warns me to stop taking his pic...:P

Sitting prettily and allowing me to take a snap.

My fave shot. (: wELl well...cldve been much better without the leash...working hard towards that goal someday that he won't need a leash to walk around.

Getting coaxed to test out the mighty waters...sitting so firmly on the ground...

Almost pleading with us...

It could've been a mistake, insisting that he went into the water. Because...now, he simply refuses to sit! He was a tad terrified of the rushing waters...but there's always a first! He'll just have to learn all over again how to sit, simply. But we're not complaining! He'll get better, we trust.

Life with the lil boy is full of unexpected happenings...every day is seemingly different because he's got his temperaments and one day he listens, the other he doesn't. I'd love to have a super duper obedient pooch...but having Qooki just reminds us...there's no such thing as perfection. Who said dogs had to be so obedient? Who said humans can't be challenged? It may be our being first time owners that make us "bulliable"...but, we're learning...still learning. (:

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