Saturday, June 03, 2006

Getting your pooch trained is one expensive task. Getting its behaviour RE-modified is...insane. So far the quotations we've gotten are...on the steep really depends HOW you see it. It can be for the with the moolah spent..he'll be a better pooch.

A rough idea how much it costs?

I can get a Coach tote bag..
or...a new phone.
or...700-1000 bowls of mashed potato.

That's how insane it is.


Commands 10 months plus..he can handle: heel, sit, stay, no, off, beg, come back (or basically just holler: Qooki where are you?!), up, over. I mean..if i really want to compare to his peers..he is probably lagging behind..but nevermind!

I'm still at teaching him how to "speak"...tis a lil tough cos it seems he doesnt want to speak when I want him to.
He's learnt what "leave it" means tho...*yay* small steps make big steps.
A couple other commands that are on the list...(apart from PAW..he seems to hate that command): down, stand, shake head. <-- pretty ambitious eh? Some dogs can walk backwards! That's so cool.

Hrmpf. I actually got Qooki a "Finding nemo" jersey in Bangkok..but apparently mom says it cant fit. =_= Thought he'll be so cute in it. Argh..contemplating cutting it up so it can fit like a jacket? hahahaha..hope to add more to his wardrobe of a striped jumper and a scarf.

Oh yes...on the list of to-gets:
  1. A new collar. The relatively-new one has problems with the clasp..have worries abt it giving way during walks and off he'll scoot! So far he's, red and now orange...hahaha. Probably settle for a better quality one...but really, collars are expensive! Those padded ones are going for $30?
  2. Treats. Possibly sashimi..brownie cubes...there's so much variety...I can spend just an hour in a petshop! :P

That should be it. 8 days to Qooki's 11 mth!

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