Sunday, June 04, 2006

Qooki had a tummy upset today...loose stools. Poor boy. My mom and I, on the other hand, had a field day cleaning his cage everytime he pooped. Just wanted to keep those horrifying flies at bay..tsk..huge flies that seem to LOVE his poop. Nevertheless..he's still bouncing signs of a stomachache...he has funny ways of letting us know he's not feeling very being particularly quiet? Or just lying limp in the cage? There was once he just lay flat and refused to move when it was time for "walkie"...a RARE sight! haha..

Sniffing around...zoomed in..hence the blurry image.

I like his colour..hahaha. :P sabre-white.

Love this shot. He tried to look serious...:)

A confident corgi walks with his furry tail right UP. Like a squirrel? Pity the shipments of corgis after his batch come with that means he's rare! Haha..

hE loves moling around the wash area...

Sniffing pails..i hope to get one of those run-through tunnels for him..but it's retailing at $30, IKEA. sigh,...

Going under chairs...

and finally poking his head into the gate. hahaha.

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