Monday, May 29, 2006

Qooki was supposed to get his nails trimmed today. But he didn't cos he was fidgeting and screaming his head if someone was chopping his nails off, rather than clipping. Oh gosh.

The petfarm people commented that he is unlike his breed.
A hint of him being ill-bred.

I took it quite personally...
Really, he can get out of hand sometimes..okay, most of the time but there are sweet sides to him. There are outliers in any breed just so happens Qooki is one of which. Rather than blame us for "over pampering" him..why not question your litter?

They keep saying whack him, whack him. With a rolled up newspaper or even the leash. But the thing is Qooki simply gets more aggressive. Don't like whacking him...cos he just ignores you totally after getting whacked. Maybe it's a ploy on Qooki's part to get us to stop hitting him..haha.

Considering Behavioural classes...

anyway...i've always felt Qooki's a special pooch. At least, he's very special to me. Regardless of all his misdemeanors.

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