Monday, March 06, 2006

Qooki got his nails clipped today!!! Most dog owners shd knw that this is a very exhausting activity, getting ur pet to sit still and clip its nails...

Was wacked by the person at the petshop, J.'s the deal: when we bought qooki, we were given 4 complimentary nail-clipping yep, that's the story behind it. J sold us Qooki, so he normally clips his nails. Mom's all for Qooki being tamed by J cos he's really good at it...The goldy at the petfarm can fetch papers, sit properly..etcetc. :) Awesome isnt it! Anyway, Qooki's always scratchy when ANYONE threatens his toes/paws/ he got "tamed" and got his nails clipped. :) He's not barked upon coming home! *haha* See what making him obey can do...lols.

The petfarm pple recommend getting him sterilized...:( Cos his temperament may become better...personally think it's cruel...tho it beats having him sow wild oats...literally. Hmm, he doesnt go for many walks nowadays, mostly confined to the lush greens in the garden...since he never fails to amuse himself with ants, cockroaches, pebbles...sand...!

And...getting a companion for him MAY also make Qooki less aggressive...*hmm!* haha, of course, that is still under petition....(for a couple more years...hee)

*off to get his petfood and goodies!*

Dried sashimi looks good....So does...blueberry cakes...and ice-cream...

Qooki sends his regards...whilst he's lazing in his bachelor's pad. ^^

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