Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Decided to update Qooki's page more often...! HAHAHA. mundane stuff...but I think when I look back in yrs to's be quite special. :)

Chanced upon this
corgi website, COOL! Really cool twosome!

Wish we can get Qooki a companion, in time to come..but Mom's not for it...simply: It'll be tough picking up after two pooches considering my sis and i (His maids in tow) do intend to find work and blahblahblah. Nobody's gg to clean poop or fill his water bottle when we're not ard...*sighs* UNLESS of course, I prove I can manage with two. *haha* anyways, it'll be sth I'll keep in mind...till later! *haa*

Lemme just try to illustrate Qooki's day in words come later! :)

7-8 am He normally "officially" is awake by 8 am...thk he pricks his ears to pick up familiar sounds like toilet flushing/water gushing down the pipes cos that means either daddy or mommy is bathing...Either that or he just barks till everyone announce he pooped and it's time for breakfast!

830 Usual fare of dry pellets and canned food, which he so greedily devours. EVERY MEAL.

835 Poops and off to play in the garden...chasing wadever ranges from lizards, birds, ants even...but somehow not cats. [just the other day, he got all excited abt a snail!]

900 Off for grooming OR back to cage, whichever is more convenient for me! *aaHHa*

930 Mommy & Daddy bids him goodbye, of which he responds with a stare. And props himself comfortably in the cage.

1200 Depending if my sis is awake by then, he'll get some time to learn tricks! and plenty of treats.

1200-1730 Nap.Nap.Chase a few toys in the cage. Get a sip of water. Hear the birds chirp. Snoooze.

1730 Mommy's home! Qooki barks everytime he hears pple coming home.

1800 Out to play! (if there's no rain...)

1900 Dinner, yum!

1905 Out to play again...while poop gets cleaned. (:

And the rest of the evening is spent chilling.

What a life! (:

Fave toy at moment: The yellow water bottle, that no one wants.
Fave treat at the moment: Chicken "bak kwa"<-- looks like it tho!
Fave trick at the moment: "UP on the chair Qooki" and he hops up on it, bunny style...ocassionally he trips and slips off...


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