Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Milk for Qooki!!
Quite absurd??
Just didn't know that he'd love milk so much...
Normally when given a new treat,
  1. Bark
  2. Sniff
  3. Lick

In the above order. So...when given a plate of milk, he didn't have the 3 normal behaviour traits! He lapped it up, like a cat.


Always thgt that...

Cats eat fish, drink milk and scale walls.

Dogs eat bones.

Just surprising that dogs lurve milk...and have a thing abt ikan bilis. *hahaha!* Bought some ikan-bilis like snack for him...he had problems eating it he'd snap it into two...devour the head then the tail...cute...!

As he grows bigger each month..there are things specific to that

As a 4 mth old...he hated walking. HATED. Had to be tugged, like a sack on the ground till he puked. Poor Qooki I know..but the obedience classes required him to walk!!

As A 5 mth old...i cant remember...lols.

As a 6 mth old...he discovered the mystery of eating his own poop. *yikes!!*

As a 7 mth old...jumping on people seems to be a fun thing.

And...we're discovering new things every other month! :)

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