Monday, March 13, 2006

Plenty of updates!!

  1. There was friendster (SO PASSE)...then catster...and NOW! DOGSTER!! And...Qooki's got an account there!! *woohoo!* He's making friends! (:
  2. We went to the Dog carnival over the weekend at East Coast Parkway. Hot weather...Plenty of poochie friends...he was so excited...but the excitement got the better of him. He obviously was on his supposed "best" behaviour, sitting as and when requested but! He was too excited abt all the happenings, he kept jumping on other dogs. =_= Can't he just walk like the others?? Hahaha...that makes him a darling. Mom thks he behaves differently at home and outside...Imagine the greedy boy refusing food when he was at the carnival! Amazing right!! Pictures, when I upload em...;)
  3. New dessert for him when he turned 8 mths! Lemon yoghurt sherbet that he initially just sniffed and licked. Loves it lots now...
  4. Mom and sis cooked him dinner today. Like literally COOKED for him. What a feast. Actually it's much cheaper to cook than buy pre-cooked meals i.e. canned food. Pedigree goes for $3.50 a huge enough can...but that lasts only a couple of days..the small can goes for $2.30. The super-ex brands like Nutripe which Qooki originally started out with costs $4.20, the same size as a Pedigree small can. And, it smells. hahaha....So dinner tonite and prob breakfast tmr and a couple more meals consist of boiled liver, potato, rice and some canned food. Which he lapped up, greedily. (: He makes eating seem so enjoyable, even when it's the same old food everyday. ^^
Dat's all...await the pics!!

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