Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I've included a chatterbox in this blog for you all to leave comments or ask any questions. :)The sis included it in the blog, but I did'nt know what I clicked when I was changing the blogskin and the chatterbox just disappeared. Anyway, now its back for good!

He's staring hard on something.... can you guess what it is? No prizes for correct guesses! :p


I'm sure the answer was obvoius. Somehow I just love the look of concentration on his face, which has that "I'm being focused!".

I was telling mummy that something I learnt from Qooki is his determination. He will persevere till the very end. Even though he knows that the probability of him succeeding is 0.0000001 percent, he will strive all the way.

Recently, Qooki has been sleeping in the wash area. Without fail, every night he will ‘argue’ with me and start jumping whenever I start to chase him into the wash area. The moment I start closing the kitchen door (the wash area is next to the kitchen), he will start jumping and barking until the door is closed. Of course, I will throw treats or bread to distract him so that I can quickly close the door.

Initially, he will eat the treats. But after a few times (yes, he’s smart!) he realized that those treats are meant to distract him and he totally could not with bothered with those treats. He will gobble them after the door is closed and when he finally knows that he has no chance of sleeping in the kitchen.

It amazes me how we can do the same routine everyday and yet Qooki will bark and show his anger at the little actions that irritate him. I guess that’s why dogs like routines because they are used to it. Or rather, they don’t like change.

On days when I’m in good mood, I admire his determination. On days when I’m angsty, this boy may get on my nerves and I may find him an irritant.

Contradiction is such.

With that being said, I still (I definitely don't doubt that) love this dearest pooooch of mine.

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